Over the past few years, the following disease trends have been noted

According to the nature of the course, allergic rhinitis is: mild - the presence of the disease does not affect the daily life and performance of the patient; moderate and severe - the patient's quality of life changes for the worse and the patient is not able to attend educational institutions or work, to do daily activities. Seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever)

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With seasonal rhinitis, pollen acts as an irritant, less often fungal spores. Often patients believe that their allergic rhinitis appears due to poplar fluff. But it's not. Usually rhinitis is caused by pollen of plants, the flowering of Stromectol occurs at the time of the appearance of poplar fluff on the streets. The seasonality of the occurrence of allergic rhinitis may vary depending on the region in which the patient lives and almost does not change every year.

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With this disease, the most severe symptoms manifest themselves in the morning. In some cases, allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis are combined. If left untreated, seasonal atopic rhinitis leads to irritability, chronic fatigue, headaches and mental disorders. The severity of symptoms with such a runny nose depends on how much pollen the patient is in contact with. It is noteworthy that in the dry season, the signs of the disease usually weaken.


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The second name of this form of Ivermectin is chronic allergic rhinitis. This form of the disease has a much larger number of stimuli to which the body can respond in this way. For the same reason, it is considered more severe and requires immediate contact with an allergist and treatment. Persistent allergic rhinitis is usually caused by dust, hair, animal epidermis, and some household chemicals.


At the moment, scientists identify the following factors that can cause year-round atopic rhinitis

Usually such allergic rhinitis in adults is more common. It occurs in patients who, by virtue of their profession, are forced to regularly contact with any kind of dust. So, for bakers, an attack of allergic rhinitis can be caused by flour, for seamstresses - particles of pile, for veterinarians - feathers, wool, etc. With this variety, signs of allergic rhinitis accompany the patient throughout the year, regardless of the season, and become less pronounced only during days off from work or during vacations. This disease must be treated, otherwise, over time, the patient's allergic rhinitis will turn into bronchial asthma.

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Rhinitis is also dangerous because with it the nasal mucosa becomes thinner, as a result of which any infections can easily penetrate into the bloodstream through it. Therefore, professional atopic rhinitis can cause a change in profession.
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